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SANDSTONE Asset Management Inc. is committed to enhancing the community in which we live and work. We are committed to advancing our community through ethical and environmental responsible business practices, the generation of wealth and jobs, financial and voluntary support for charitable and nonprofit organizations within the community, and an investment in social awareness of the members of the community.


Through our Speakers Series, Sandstone CONNECTS, we present influential speakers to expound upon the social issues that affect our world with a goal of educating and motivating the community to become involved individually.

Speakers have included: Lieutenant General Romeo Dallaire, Arnaud de Borchgrave, Norm Stamper, Alastair Crooke, Sir Ken Robinson, Dan Gardner, and Adora Svitak. Topics have included: Accountability & Influence in the Media; Recognizing Resistance; and the Science & Politics of Fear.


SANDSTONE is proud to be one of Imagine Canada's 'Caring Companies', which is an ongoing investment to commitment, innovation, and leadership within our community. As a 'Caring Company', we support the principles of corporate citizenship and benchmarks for community investment established by Imagine Canada.

The commitment to Imagine Canada is as follows:

  • We commit a minimum of 1% of pre-tax domestic profit to support charitable and non-profit organizations.
  • We encourage and facilitate the personal giving and volunteer activities of our employees.
  • We champion and sustain at least one community investment project that is supported by our President and that leverages the skills and competencies of the company to make a difference in the community.
  • We demonstrate leadership by annually publishing a public Corporate Citizenship Report.


In 2013, SANDSTONE proudly sponsored the Making Social Change: Strategies for Funders Symposium. Funders of all stripes and sizes are increasingly taking on complex societal challenges. We are learning that many issues – from homelessness to mental illness, from environmental degradation to school drop-out rates, from poverty to unemployment – have multiple root causes and can have unforeseen interconnections. There are also many ways to tackle these complex challenges: collaboration, social innovation, research, scaling up and out, public policy, knowledge sharing, and more.

In 2009, SANDSTONE was proud to be the Lead Sponsor of the Pulse of Philanthropy National Conference. This conference was an opportunity to 'take the pulse' of Canadian and International philanthropy. It was also a chance to 'feel the pulse' of a dynamic philanthropic community in the Canadian west. Across the west, funders are trying new approaches to the challenges in communities, working together in a spirit of energy and innovation.



As part of our community sponsorship, we are proud to continue our partnership with the Alberta Ballet as official Sponsor of Alberta Ballet's Artistic Director – Jean Grand-Maître. His experience in the creation of performance art is extensive and highly eclectic.

Jean Grand-Maître was the Director of Choreography for the Opening Ceremonies of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Winter Games. The ceremonies showcased the creative talents of Jean and featured members of the Alberta Ballet Dancing for the World.


Calgary's year as Cultural Capital concludes in early 2013 with a Cultural Congress and Mayor's Celebration for the Arts luncheon. The inaugural Mayor's Celebration for the Arts will be an annual luncheon, presented by Calgary Arts Development Authority and the Mayor's Office that will bring Corporate, Creative and Government leaders together in support of the arts. Central to the celebration is the presentation of 5 awards that recognize Calgary's incredible artists; one of the awards is sponsored by SANDSTONE.

We established the SANDSTONE City Builder Award to recognize artists and/or organizations that make Calgary a better place to live through the arts.  We strongly believe that Calgary benefits from many artists and organizations that enrich the social wellbeing of our city and that work merits recognition.

Congratulations to the winner of the SANDSTONE City Builder Award:
2016 – Quickdraw Animation Society
2015 – Studio C
2014 – Antyx Community Arts Society
2013 – Onalea Gilbertson


The Calgary Drop-in and Rehab Centre (CDIC) is a Homeless Shelter that offers care and shelter when needed, and provide opportunities for people to rehabilitate and rebuild their lives.

SANDSTONE coordinates annual campaigns to raise items they need to serve their clients along with awareness of the services and programs that CDIC offers and the various social issues that face our city.

Over the years, SANDSTONE has orchestrated the largest one-time donation of linens and towels, toothbrushes, socks, vitamins, spices and 10,000 razors to the CDIC.



In 2017, Canada will celebrate its 150th birthday, our sesquicentennial. SANDSTONE is proud to be a sponsor of imagiNATION 150 Calgary. ImagiNATION 150 was formed to inspire Calgarians to start imagining the future of Canada and to create a culture of citizen-lead initiatives. Together we can ensure that Canada's 150th birthday rallies citizens to create a momentous year that will resonate long after 2017.


The High Performance Rodeo is Calgary's International Festival of the Arts. Encompassing theatre, music, dance, comedy and interdisciplinary art, the High Performance Rodeo is the largest event of its kind in Western Canada.

In 2013, SANDSTONE proudly sponsored "People You May Know", a comedy entangling people on both sides of a financial scheme gone badly awry.


SANDSTONE has a strong commitment to nonprofit organizations through various monetary contributions, individual board involvement, and volunteering. Each employee at SANDSTONE is supported with 40 paid corporate hours to pursue their personal passions through a wide variety of volunteer options. Volunteering and Board involvement include the following organizations:

  • One Yellow Rabbit
  • Calgary Arts Development Authority
  • The Calgary Bridge Foundation for Immigrant Youth
  • Heart and Stroke Foundation
  • Soup Sisters
  • Springboard Performance