To us wealth means more than financial success, there is the wealth of ideas.

CONNECTS speaker series focuses on promoting awareness of social issues affecting our world through influential speakers.

Every autumn we invite clientele to our speaker series. Here outstanding thought leaders enlighten our hearts and minds with intuitive prospective.


This year Jonathan Taplin will be speaking about his book, "Move Fast and Break Things".

Jonathan calls for a renaissance, a movement to revive the creative class and the healthy culture that creativity gives us. Jonathan will show how we are sleeping through a revolution, in which a small group of companies have transferred wealth and revenue from people who create, to people who own platforms.


The idea was conceived after 9/11, when logical debate became difficult. Issues require conversation, and the media was not facilitating it. Do not get us wrong; we are not interested in pointless confrontation, but rather considering alternative points of views on subjects that matter.

Throughout our travels, we come across amazing people. We are always searching the globe for insight and inspiration, and have had transformative experiences in places such as Singularity University. Our community should benefit from our new insights in more ways than just smarter investments.

At our inception in 2004, we created CONNECTS, a speaker series to help inspire and motivate each of you to become increasingly involved in social issues that affect our world. A connection is the foundation of human existence; CONNECTS is just one way that we unite our community, locally and globally.

I just love it when someone encourages you to think differently.

Private Client, After CONNECTS Event