A night of honest review, future-casting and thought-fuelled conversation.

Not your typical annual report.

OUTLOOK provides our wholly independent interpretation on the state of the world markets while including guidance on investment strategies. We promise you will leave invigorated and inspired.


Each year our OUTLOOK presentation brings together clients and invited guests to discover our independent understanding of the economy, secular trends, and financial ecosystem.The primary focus of OUTLOOK is to provide guidance on investment strategies designed to preserve and grow wealth.


Here is where we put ourselves on the line. Using our strong research, analytical skills and the ability to respond effectively to changing conditions in the marketplace, we inform on the future as we see it.

Our team provides an annual investment strategy covering SANDSTONE'S core long-term themes, including our take on the year ahead.

The Year Ahead: Looking at global uncertainties, transitions, and the developments in the world we live in.

Key Segments for Portfolio Growth: With the changing landscape of disruptive technology, data integration, mobility and exponential growth, we outline and describe key segments poised for long-term growth.

Global Transitions: Understanding which global transitions will shape the trajectory of the markets and create thematic opportunities. Including addressing the global challenges and uncertainties that will be faced in the coming year.

Secular Trends: Our CEO discusses which trends are developing, which are yet to come, and which are fading.

The preservation and growth of our client's portfolio is our number one focus.

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"I discover fascinating and important things at OUTLOOK that were not covered widely in the media."

- Private Client, After OUTLOOK Event


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