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"Our power comes from our compassion, not our technology."

David Roberts

Through our Speaker Series, SANDSTONE CONNECTS, we present influential speakers to expound upon the social issues that affect our world and motivate the community to become involved individually.

In presenting such invigorating and prestigious speakers, we present a series of community oriented events that will inspire us all to rethink, re-energize and re-engage with our families, our colleagues and our world at large. By encouraging critical thought and better understanding, we hope to motivate active social involvement.

2017 CONNECTS - TBA - Stay tuned! 

David Roberts / October 25, 2016

Glenn Greenwald / 2015
Panopticon: Democracy at the Crossroads - 10 minute Encore

Michael Sandel / 2014
Ethics in Exponential Times - 6 minute Encore

Robert Johnson / 2013
The Longevity of Bad Ideas - 4 minute Encore

Allan Gregg / 2012
The Erosion of Trust - Presentation

'On Birds, Caves and Blind Hope' - Commissioned piece from Kris Demeanor - Calgary's First Poet Laureate

Ian Goldin
/ 2011
Humanity at the Crossroads - Presentation

Adora Svitak / 2010
What Adults can Learn from Kids - Presentation

Dan Gardner / 2009
The Science and Politics of Fear - Presentation

Sir Ken Robinson / 2008
Out of our Minds: Learning to be Creative - Part I - Part II

Alastair Crooke / 2007
Recognizing Resistance - Presentation

Norm Stamper / 2006
Wage War on Crime, Not Drugs

Arnaud de Borchgrave / 2005
Accountability & Influence in the Media

Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Romeo Dallaire / 2004
Canada's Humanitarian Role in World Affairs

Our goal to continue presenting speakers, who personally inspire, requires your input. We would appreciate and encourage any suggestions for future events.