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"People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously.  This is how character is built."

Eleanor Roosevelt

SANDSTONE Asset Management's investment team has strong research and analytical skills complemented with the ability to respond effectively to changing conditions in the marketplace.  In addition to the experience garnered as licensed Portfolio Managers, we have start-up and ownership experience and entrepreneurial skills.


We believe in the importance of both formal and informal education, recognizing that powerful life experiences contribute to an informed world view, and complement our training and expertise in the financial world. We strive to be highly engaged in understanding our local, national, and international circumstances, continuously re-examining the financial, psychological, and fiscal matters that shape our world of today.


We have a deep commitment to providing service in the community. The Partners have completed the in-depth Governance Plus Program developed at CentrePoint Non-Profit Management in Calgary, and have served extensively on boards in the not-for-profit sector: we have provided leadership in the Chair or on governance/finance and audit committees for a long list of agencies in the areas of arts, immigrant services, children's programs, health, education, as well as industry and government boards. This engagement has brought us great knowledge of our diverse constituencies in Calgary, and enabled us to build powerful partnerships for advancing the interests of our community.


Bottom Line: We understand your challenges and have the tools, aptitudes, experience and desire to provide solutions.