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"The question we must ask is not what technology will be like in the future, but rather, what will we be like."

Sherry Turkle

Each year our OUTLOOK presentation brings together clients and invited guests to discover our independent interpretation of the state of the economy and financial markets. 

The primary focus of OUTLOOK is to provide guidance on investment strategies designed to preserve and grow wealth.  To request a copy of our OUTLOOK 2016 booklet, please contact our office.

OUTLOOK 2017 - Jack be Nimble

     OUTLOOK 2016 - A World in Transition

     OUTLOOK 2015 - Displacements 

     OUTLOOK 2014 - The Next Act     

     OUTLOOK 2013 - A Moody, Grungy & Defiant Year 

     OUTLOOK 2012 - Shifting Perceptions of Risk

     OUTLOOK 2011 - It's What you Pay

     OUTLOOK 2010 - Cause & Fx

     OUTLOOK 2009 - The Upside of Down

     OUTLOOK 2008 - Just the Beginning?

     OUTLOOK 2007 - Get Real

     OUTLOOK 2006 - Current Seas

     OUTLOOK 2005 - Loonie Tune, Global Dance