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"We believe it is possible to find common ground on the basis of respect for difference and a toleration of others."

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Before any decisions are made, we require clients to participate in a variety of discussions, interviews & exploratory exercises which allow both parties to determine the suitability of fit. At this stage we present your Policy Statement which summarizes discussions we have had, and our understanding of both your investment and personal requirements along with service requirements and costs. We will refer to this Policy throughout the process of managing the portfolio, ensuring that we provide suitable advice and management.

Your Policy covers the guidelines we will use for the actual construction of your portfolio, including quality issues, allowable ranges in the various asset classes, as well as guidelines outlining probabilities on rates of return.

In structuring your Portfolio, we will use a more sophisticated and personal approach to the allocation process. We combine the Ibbotson optimization process with your personal objectives and preferences to devise a comprehensive guideline to achieve your capital preservation and growth goals.


Our investment approach is a marriage of leading edge technology and time-tested, traditional portfolio management principles. As 85% of your investment performance is directly dependent on asset allocation (both geographical and sectoral) our overall micro and macro strategic focus starts here.

Please contact us to obtain further information regarding the following:

  • Our independent research process
  • The benefits of strategic asset allocation, correlation & rebalancing
  • Our ongoing informative Investment Insights / Portfolio Strategist
  • How to properly structure your portfolio to meet your objectives and tolerance