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"The best measure of a man's honesty isn't his income tax return. It's the zero adjust on his bathroom scale."

Arthur C. Clarke

SANDSTONE Asset Management Inc.  brings a unique blend of financial expertise and community dedication to bear in offering superior investment guidance to institutions and foundations.  As a member of Philanthropic Foundations Canada and lead sponsor of its 2009 annual conference in Calgary, SANDSTONE is poised to assist institutions and foundations in facing the unique challenges presented by today's complex society and dynamic marketplace.


Investment Advisory Services

  • Formation of a Spending and/or Endowment Risk Assessment
  • Customized Investment Policy Development
  • Access to Pooled or Custom Management
  • Access to Private Equity Opportunity (Mezzanine Financing, Angel Investing, etc.)

Regular Contact

  • Quarterly Meetings with one or more Board Members
  • Our informative quarterly Portfolio Strategist which identifies emerging trends and opportunities in the global marketplace
  • Access to the entire Portfolio Management Team
  • Our ongoing Investment Insights which offers current market commentary

 Accurate Timely Reporting

  • Web access to your account, including online access to archived statements and tax forms.
  • Customized reports that focus on your exposure to geographical and sectoral regions for your consolidated portfolio or each individual account. 
  • Performance reports concentrate on the security, asset class or the entire portfolio each reported in Multi-currency.


  • Customized discussion on issues facing Institutions and Foundations
  • Private Outlook for Board Members
  • Annual Sandstone CONNECTS event featuring experts addressing social and humanitarian issues

Administrative Services

  • Provide audit information to: accountant/auditors/finance chairs
  • Attractive Fees