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2018-2019 Tax Changes

Taxes can be confusing at the best of times - even without updates and changes. Making sure you’re aware of changes and yearly allowances can really help you stay on top of your financial situation. We’ve put together an easy to use chart to help.

Periods of uncertainty can create wealth-building opportunities for people that are patient and willing to trust in their long-term investment strategy.



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  • Investment

    Is the return to the gold standard inevitable?

    The 41-minute video below offers an interesting perspective about Gold and the USD that we think is worthwhile. Here's a link to an article about gold as well.

    Gold Fever
  • Event

    Mayor’s Lunch for Arts Champions

    JP Thibodeau received the 2019 SANDSTONE City Builder Award for his commitment to making vibrant and accessible theatre for young audiences.

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    Reflection of Sandstone Logo on window showing Calgary Tower for Sandstone City Builder Award
  • Insight

    Petrodollar Alternative

    Western sanctions and tariffs are forcing countries to cooperate more strategically with China, creating the need for a genuine alternative to the current Petrodollar system.

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    Dollars fighting against oil
  • World News

    The Haves and Have-mores

    The race to keep up with technology and put it to the most effective business use is producing digital “haves” and “have-mores.”