We bring direction, confidence, and independence to every relationship we build.

A thorough exploration of new and existing opportunities as an experienced team.

As a wealth management firm based in Calgary, we look inward for community involvement and outward for potential global opportunities. We pride ourselves in real community development and support while bringing expert and experienced service to our clients.

Since 2004, SANDSTONE Asset Management has brought discretionary investment management services to private individuals, foundations, and family trusts. Our client-focused team has a genuine passion for investing with a dedication to providing three core values to every relationship we build:



We are dedicated to creating possibilities for clients, employees, and community as a whole.


We are committed to providing intelligent and independent investment expertise that is both progressive and responsive, resulting in top-ranked returns that preserve and grow client assets.


Our commitment to conserving and perpetuating your success comes from hard work and dedication, spread across a strong research and analysis team of enthusiastic individuals, and lead by an experienced management team. After all, your success is our success.


We invest globally; nothing is off limits. To support our global mentality, we believe in the importance of both formal and informal education, recognising that powerful life experiences contribute to an informed worldview - complementing our training and expertise in the financial world. We strive to be highly engaged in understanding political and economic situations on a local, national, and international level by continuously re-examining the financial, psychological, and fiscal matters that shape our world.


We are a certified B Corporation company. B Corp companies seek to maximise the positive impact of their business, while actively seeking a regenerative economy. At SANDSTONE, we believe B Corp brings like-minded companies forward into the public view. Therefore, what is good for the world is good for business.

Our latest recognition: B Corp - Best for the World and Best for Workers. With over 2000 B Corp companies across 52 industries and 48 countries, we are proud to have scored in the Top 10 Percent Best for the World category - making us one of only two companies honoured with this recognition in Canada. With our Best for the World honour, SANDSTONE has also been recognised for our positive impact on employees. We strongly believe that an enthusiastic, confident, and motivated workplace environment directly correlates with how well we serve our clients.

We understand your challenges and have the tools, aptitude, experience, and desire to provide solutions.


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Our Philosophy starts with people and ends with profit. We fulfil this calculated philosophy through dedication and continued examination of global investment opportunities.

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Expect active portfolio management, detailed research and analysis, unmatched access to a private equity fund, and a thoughtful, strong team of dedicated original thinkers. 

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SANDSTONE team members are also company owners. An important aspect our clients take into account, knowing they can trust and rely on our team's investment strategies, commitment, and discretion.


Think outside the box? Sandstone doesn’t even know there is a box.

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Proud to be a B Corp

As a certified B Corp, we are part of a growing global movement of people who use the power of markets to solve social and environmental problems. It requires rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.

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