B Corp Inspiration
12 Sep 2017

B Corp: Business Sustainability with a Force for Good

Being a B Corp is about becoming part of pioneering business leaders setting the bar higher.

B Corp companies seek to maximise the positive impact of their business, while actively seeking a regenerative economy. At SANDSTONE, we believe B Corp brings like-minded companies forward into the public view. After all, what is good for the world is good for business.

B Corp is not only about social responsibility and environmental protection; it is about operating a business ethically and setting a higher standard of achievement.

SANDSTONE has been recognised for our positive impact on employees. Find out more here. 

B Corp Anthem

B Corps are leading a global movement of people using business as force for good.

Here is what another B Corp partner conveys about being part of the impact:

The B Corp movement is one of the most important of our lifetime, built on the simple fact that business impacts and serves more than just shareholders—it has an equal responsibility to the community and to the planet.

- CEO, B Corp Affiliate

Serving the global community as a whole by starting at home
At SANDSTONE, monitoring global activity in search of opportunity is commonplace. While investigating diverse economies, methods on how we can assist our local community become increasingly apparent, thus serving the global community as a whole by starting at home. When we discovered there was a way to inspire other business leaders by becoming a part of B Corp, we put our cards on the table and joined their groundbreaking idea by offering certification in doing what is right as global citizens.

Keeping an eye on the world for lucrative opportunities will always be our top priority. We consider what's good for business and good for the world can be synonymous.

S. Watkins, CEO of SANDSTONE

Qualifying as a B Corp
B Corp certification utilises local examination, challenging companies across multiple areas such as; energy efficiency, employee engagement, and corporate transparency. Stringent certification requirements are one reason there are a little over 2000 B Corp qualified businesses, expanding over 50 countries within 130 industries.

How we qualify as B Corp:

  • Intricate impact assessment
  • Follow-up evaluations 
  • Document authentication 
  • Continuing audit process

When SANDSTONE met the assessment criteria, we signed a "Declaration of Interdependence" symbolising our commitment to a shared collective purpose.

Becoming a B Corp, and inspiring other businesses to do the same is an extension of who we are. Sustainable business and a better world are in everyone's best interest.

Curious to know more?
Take a look at the B Corp site, or their B the Change movement. Better yet, put your company through an online assessment to see if you are already using business as a force for good.